• Expert
  • Broker
  • Developer
  • Local government unit
  • University / Training company
  • Media


The Real Estate Information Office is a thematic portal that provides up-to-date and reliable industry information and enables establishing business contacts between real estate market participants.

As part of the basic offer, birn.pl offers the following services:

  • Business card (website on the portal) of the entity (BASIC or PREMIUM) - personalized offer for Property Appraisers and other entities
  • Advertising on the portal
  • Advice and consulting


Business card on the portal


By a business card, we mean a dedicated website for entities within the birn.pl portal. On the portal you will find all Property Appraisers in the country and many other entities related to real estate, grouped as follows:

  • Real estate appraiser
  • Real estate broker
  • Developer
  • Local government unit
  • University / training company
  • Organization / Association
  • Media
  • Other entity


The offer includes two versions of business cards:



For pricing information, see the Price List


Benefits for entities registered on the portal:

  • Increasing the number of potential customers
  • Easy search of entities related to the real estate market
  • Possibility of establishing business contacts through the industry network of connections
  • Savings - low and constant price of the service provided (PREMIUM showcase) - while on the market, the cost of creating a basic website is about 2 000 PLN, in addition, the purchase and annual maintenance of the domain about PLN 100 and the cost of Google Ads positioning from 900 PLN / year - undoubtedly our offer is more favorable
  • Friendly and intuitive interface of the portal
  • Transparent and flexible terms and conditions of cooperation with the portal
  • Good positioning of local, regional and national offers (active campaigns on Google and in social media)
  • No need to install additional software on your computer - online access to data allows you to be a mobile company and work from anywhere you want - saving time


The scope of information presented in the BASIC business card includes:

  • Type of activity
  • First name and last name
  • Company name
  • Permission (licence) number
  • Contact details (street and house or flat number, post office, city, voivodship, country)
  • Geolocation (pin on the Google map)


In order to extend the scope of information presented on the BASIC business card, you need to register in the portal, purchase a subscription (online money transfer), go to the PREMIUM business card and complete the required data. The account 'expires' (returns to the BASIC version) after the period for which the subscription was purchased (display time depends on the amount paid in accordance with the price list). Service end date can be checked in the user section.


The scope of information presented in the PREMIUM business card includes:

  • Type of activity
  • First name and last name
  • Company name
  • Permission (licence) number
  • Contact details (street and house or flat number, post office, city, voivodship, country)
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • www
  • A company logo or a photo of a person
  • Information about the company - description (including the scope of services provided, area of operation, price list, offer, experience, service in a foreign language, association, associates, etc.)


Sample business cards in the BASIC and PREMIUM tab along with the content suggested to be used for the extended version.


Advertising on the portal


The offer of birn.pl includes:

  • Banner advertising - Partner's logo with a link to the website (dimensions: ZZZxYYY) visible on the main page of the website on a scrolling bar (slider)
  • Thematic articles - sponsored - subject and scope of services to be agreed
  • Affiliate (partner) programs - the website also provides dedicated spaces for content by Partners specializing in the so-called affiliate marketing. The terms of cooperation will be governed by independent agreements


Advisory and consulting services


The birn.pl offer includes cooperation in the field of:

  • Data analysis - statistical and graphical elaboration of the results
  • Creating data models in MS Excel and Power BI
  • Preparation of dedicated reports and presentations related to the real estate market
  • Development of thematic infographics used mainly in social media and thematic news portals


Real estate activities include:

  • Legal and investment advice in the field of real estate
  • Analysis of the real estate market
  • Analysis of the economic efficiency of the investment
  • Due diligence in the field of real estate
  • Investment cost estimates
  • Update of fees for perpetual usufruct
  • Valuations for credit purposes, services for the banking sector
  • Valuations for individuals and private individuals
  • Agricultural property valuation
  • Forest real estate appraisal
  • Valuation of machinery and equipment
  • Valuations for tax offices and insurance companies
  • Valuations due to damages (in particular resulting from the provisions of special acts)
  • Other studies that do not constitute the appraisal report


Advisory services on the investment process (preparation of construction investments - administrative procedures):

  • consultations on issues related to spatial planning in local government units
  • reconciliation design solutions in terms of their compliance with the applicable or currently developed mpzp / suikzp
  • analysis of the current planning situation in a given area and cooperation with public administration bodies
  • coordination of administrative procedures, i.e. obtaining location decisions, building permits and other arrangements, including multi-sector ones, in the normal administrative procedure and with the use of the so-called special legal acts
  • verification of administrative decisions necessary to obtain them and establishing the procedure for obtaining them in cooperation with designers




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