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Real Estate Valuer

Real Estate Valuer / Property appraiser - is a natural person with professional qualifications in the field of real estate valuation granted by the Minister of Development, Labor and Technology or his legal predecessors under the Act:

  • of May 17, 1989 Geodetic and Cartographic Law,
  • of August 21, 1997 on Real Estate Management.


In order to obtain professional qualifications, one must pass an examination organized the National Qualification Committee in Ministry. In order to be admitted to the qualification procedure, which includes the exam, one must have a university degree, complete post-graduate studies in real estate appraisal and undergo a six-month apprenticeship. Persons who have completed higher education with a program compliant with the curriculum minimum for postgraduate studies are exempt from the obligation to participate in postgraduate studies.

Conducting professional activity in the field of a property appraiser without the appropriate qualifications may result in a fine (Article 198 of the Act). A property appraiser obtains the right to perform professional activities from the date of entry into the central register of property appraisers (CRRM) kept by the Minister of Development, Labor and Technology. For more information, see How to become a property appraiser in Blog section.