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Estimation Report

Estimation report - it is a product, the result of the work of a property valuer, an author's opinion about the value of the property, which is an official document, made only in writing in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Legal Act. In the event of significant discrepancies in the opinions about the value of the same real estate prepared by property appraisers, the correctness of these appraisals is assessed by the professional organization of property valuers.


The survey should contain the information necessary for the real estate appraisal (it should explain the real estate appraisal method). The minimum required scope of information includes:

  • determination of the property and the scope of the valuation,
  • determining the purpose of the valuation,
  • the formal basis for real estate appraisal and real estate data sources,
  • the date of determining the value of the property,
  • description of the property's condition,
  • indication of the intended use of the property under the appraisal resulting from the local plan or other documents,
  • indication of the type of value being determined, the choice of approach, method and technique of estimation,
  • analysis and characteristics of the real estate market in terms of the purpose and method of valuation,
  • the result of real estate appraisal with presentation of real estate value calculations.