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Activity and Strategy

The core activities of Real Estate Information Office (birn.pl) are to:


  • run and develop a thematic internet portal related to the real estate market,
  • monitor the real estate market and developing analysis, reports, forecasts and thematic infographics,
  • consulting in the field of real estate valuation and trading,
  • leading and participation in projects related to the development of the real estate market in Poland,
  • consulting in the field of investments, spatial planning, administrative procedures (preparation of investments) and spatial analysis with the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS),



What do we provide to our clients:


  • support of specialists in the field of real estate valuation, spatial development, engineering, economics and IT (GIS),
  • practical experience and broad and multidisciplinary knowledge of specialists,
  • professional support for both private individuals and enterprises,
  • timeliness and reliability of the work performed,współpracę ze specjalistami z zakresu wyceny nieruchomości, zagospodarowania przestrzennego, informatyki,



The main goals of the company's strategy for the development of the Internet portal for the next 5 years assume, that:


  • by the end of the third quarter of 2021, the Office will have the largest database in Poland containing information on Property Appraisers providing services in the country, along with their geolocation,
  • by the end of the first quarter of 2022, the Office will have the largest database containing information on universities, training institutions conducting courses, training and studies in the field of real estate valuation, real estate brokerage and real estate management,
  • by the end of the second quarter of 2022, the Office will finish the project which main goal is to collect and present information on status of spatial development plans at various levels of local authorities in Poland (voivodeships, poviats, municipalities)
  • constant development of the portal with new functionalities - dedicated analytical tools and spreadsheets for Property Appraisers until the end of 2022,
  • by 2023, the Office will have the largest database in Poland on Property Appraisers, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Managers and Developers (extension of the database with new groups of entities),
  • the increase in the number of entities interested in cooperating with the Office in the coming years will be based on clear and unchanging principles of cooperation, low and constant price of services provided for all entities in the long term (the next 5 years),





Our mission is to present reliable and objective information on the real estate market and related entities, to provide analytical, advisory, consulting, training and information services in order to build awareness of all real estate market participants as to the applicable legal order, market rules and mechanisms also rights and liability of entities.



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