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The Real Estate Information Office is interested in establishing long-term cooperation with entities and institutions related to the real estate market, both on a commercial (B2B) and non-commercial basis - by exchanging valuable information and ideas. We are looking for a strategic partner to develop and scale services related to the valuation of real estate as well as analytical and reporting work performed. The birn.pl portal will also establish cooperation as part of the Affiliate / Affiliate Program by providing space for advertising campaigns conducted on the Internet for publishing houses, financial institutions, etc.

We would be also interested in publishing articles in the 'blog' section – so if you have an interesting idea, write to us. We would also like to invite to cooperation universities, research institutions and students' organizations thematically related to the real estate market - the scope and rules of cooperation to be agreed individually.

Interested entities please contact us by e-mail (contact form) or by phone.



esri (environmental systems research institute)


We cooperate with ESRI as part of the Partner Program.

ESRI - is a global producer of GIS software, a company founded in 1969 in Redlands, California, USA. Currently, esri has approximately 50 offices around the world, including 11 R&D centers in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. The number of partners has exceeded 3,000 worldwide, when it comes to users, globally, this number has exceeded one million active users in 350,000 organizations. These include Fortune 500 companies, most national governments, 20,000 cities, all 50 US states, and more than 7,000 universities. The company employs a total of approximately 4,000 employees and is a private company.

In Poland, ESRI software appeared in the early 1990s, and since 1995 its exclusive Polish distributor has been ESRI Polska. The activities of esri Polska include work related to specialist consulting, provision of services in the field of design and development of geographic information systems, distribution and service of software and training.
The company is guided by the idea of "The science of where - for the good of life" - according to which - data enriched with spatial context hide a lot of valuable knowledge that allows you to create positive changes in organizations and society.

As part of the partnership program (Esri Partner Network - EPN), Esri Polska cooperates with companies that develop professional GIS applications that support various user activities, performed for many sectors of the economy, for example for the needs of real estate records, energy, spatial planning, urban planning, technical network infrastructure management and others.

Esri partners mainly perform tasks related to:

  • the use of GIS in a variety of applications, including to support activities related to spatial development, urban planning and management of technical network infrastructure;
  • development of GIS applications tailored to individual customer requirements;
  • scientific research using GIS technology;
  • sale of technological solutions developed on the basis of Esri, Inc. software.


For more information about available products, visit the esri Poland website.





Publishing house helion.pl


We are currently cooperating with the helion.pl publishing house as part of the Partner Program.

Helion.pl is one of the largest specialist e-bookstores in Poland. The offer includes the best books, e-books, audiobooks and video courses for specialists from the entire IT industry - incl. programmers, web developers and graphic designers. On helion.pl you will find over several thousand titles in the form of traditional print and electronic formats (PDF, e-Pub, Mobi), appropriately adapted to be read on phones, tablets, computers and on the most popular e-book readers (Kindle, PocketBook, inkBook and KOBO). If you are constantly hungry for knowledge, remember that you will get all e-books - e-books or audiobooks just a few moments after you buy them! Only at Helion you will find books according to specific categories such as: programming, computer networks, databases, digital photography, electronics, computer graphics, as well as mathematics and programming for children. The Onepress online bookstore is a place where you can find books on business, economics and marketing. If you want to develop your professional career and are looking for motivation, or you run your own business and want to learn more about management and investing - you've come to the right place! Choose the best books from thousands of titles in categories such as marketing, economics, finance, e-business, social media, start-up, personal development, coaching, controlling, PR, sales or project management. A wide range of possibilities is available, you can choose books in traditional or electronic version - as e-books (PDF, e-Pub, Mobi) and audiobooks (MP3).

More information about the offer on the website: https://helion.pl/





GEOTECH is a thematic portal that conducts activities related to:

  • promoting knowledge, sharing practical experiences and presenting the latest news and solutions in the trenchless technologies, water and sewage, road, bridge, tunnel, construction, energy (mainly oil & gas), hydrotechnical construction, deep foundation, soil reinforcement, marine engineering industries, modern technical and technological solutions in the field of engineering geology, mining and geoengineering as well as geotechnical standards
  • publishing information about projects related to the geotechnical industry (mainly trenchless technologies i.e. HDD, Direct Pipe, microtunnel) implemented in recent years in Poland and abroad), publishing analyzes, articles, infographics, as well as interviews and columns
  • publishing information about companies providing specialized consulting, design, training services, specialist construction works, suppliers of machines, devices and equipment necessary to perform excavations, drilling, jacking, as well as geotechnical, geological and other works - in the form of paid advertisements
  • providing consulting services in the field of GIS software, project planning, project management support, real estate valuation (including natural resources) and others.


More information on the website geotechportal.pl




Portal home.pl


home.pl is the largest provider of Internet services for business and individual clients in Poland and Europe. It specializes in domain registration, website hosting, e-mail account systems and sharing business applications. It is the largest Partner of the Scientific and Academic Computer Network (NASK) in the field of .pl national domain registration services and one of the world's largest .eu registrars.

The company is distinguished by the provision of Internet services at the highest level and care for the customer, who is offered professional substantive and technical support 24/7. It was the first company in the industry to obtain a certificate confirming compliance with the requirements of ISO 27001: 2005.

home.pl has been operating since 1997 and employs over 300 employees. The company's seat is in Szczecin.


More information about the offer on the website home.pl



Portal progisapp.pl


Professional websites and GIS web applications.

More information about the offer on the website progisapp.pl 





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