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Real Estate Information Office Real Estate Valuers Portal

Rzeczoznawca majątkowy w pracy, przy komputerze

The Real Estate Information Office (REIO, pol. Biuro Informacji o Rynku Nieruchomości, BIRN) is an independent and dynamically developing thematic portal with a national scope, which provides information about the real estate market in Poland, in the form of analises, reports, infographics, maps. We also allow you to easily search for entities conducting activities related to real estate - mainly real estate valuers (appraisers).

On the website you will find all real estate valuers in Poland who provide professional property valuation services throughout the country (the list includes about 8,000 names and is updated on average once a month). The transparent interface of the search engine and the use of Google maps make searching the database intuitive and extremely effective. The work is completely online, so you can use the services of experts regardless of where you are and where the property is located. Order an appraisal report, verification of the legal status (Land and Mortgage Register) and the actual real property of a real estate appraiser who conducts business in a given location. Save time and money, gain confidence and peace of mind when buying or selling real estate.

If you buy, sell, inherit, donate real estate and need the services of professionals in the field of real estate you can find them on our website. If you are considering building a house - you need a surveyor, geologist or developer - our database is expanding every month with new entities ready to work in your city.

On the website you will also find information about entities providing educational and training services (courses, training, postgraduate studies).

Basic information on local government units is available on the birn.pl website - in accordance with the structure of local government in Poland, there are (as of 01/01/2021): 16 voivodeships, 314 poviats and 2,477 municipalities (302 municipalities, including 66 cities with poviat rights, 652 urban-rural and 1,523 rural).


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